Queenstown is huge and super great in its scenic views. It has a lot of natural and artificial attractions. All these facts are correct, but did you know that the past of this city is even more amazing?

Lake Wakatipu

At a time where Queenstown was entirely inhabited, a glacier was formed, and this marked the birth of the Z-shaped Lake Wakatipu. This happened some 15,000 years ago!

Coekon, Lake Wakatipu and Remarkable Mountains, CC BY-SA 4.0

European Settlement

Two Europeans first arrived in the city at the start of the 1860s. They decided to reserve the area for the farming community. They knew nothing about the gold haul that was not yet discovered!

Gold Rush

Did you know that Queenstown was blessed with the second-biggest alluvial gold haul in the world right after two years after the first settlement? It was declared a gold rush boom city by the government.

The transformation

Today, Queenstown is very much about the tourism and hospitality industry. Thanks to many lakefront apartments in Queenstown the likes of Oaks Queenstown Shores Resort, the city is tourist-friendly throughout the year. It also has great adventure venues to explore!