A great range of three hundred mountain peaks, overlook an aquatic national park in the district of Sam Roi Yot, Province of Prachuap Khiri Khan, Thailand. The name reflects the special border of the mountain range translating into “mountains with 300 peaks”.

Proudly being Thailand’s first ever marine National Park which was established in 1996, it expands over an area of 98.9 square kilometres. A part of the national park, Thung Sam Roi Yot is a great freshwater marshland that ranges over an area of approximately 36.8 square kilometres. This levelled area of swampy land remains the same throughout the entire year. Decorating the splendid view is a stunning backdrop of sharp limestone mountains, edged with swampy beaches and a shallow stretch of sea pond.

These magnificent figures of nature that shadow over the Gulf of Thailand rise spectacularly at a height of 605 meters above sea-level. There are other islands with limestone peaks like the Kho Ram Island, Nom Sao Island, Sattakut Island, Rawang Island and the Khi Nok Island. The freshwater marsh and the mountains are what make the island, the perfect pit-stop and breeding zone for birds. Rich in biodiversity, the national park is the ideal location to indulge in a tropical expedition. Take in the spectacular views of the perfect estuarine, mangroves, intriguing caves, towering mountains and green islands as you stroll around the nature trail.

Quite a few of the marshes were switched to shrimp farms simply because only a part of the area was zoned out as the national park. The inquisitive visitor has a great chance of visiting the village Ban Pul; you can even decide how to get there! Take a slow drift by boat or trek along glorious mountain pathways which would take somewhere around half an hour. And just as you feel like you have seen everything the park has to offer, you will come across other residents in Thailand. Dusky Langurs, Mainland Serow and other species of bird may decide to cross your path, along your journey through the mountains; and somewhere down the beach you’ll even be welcomed by the Irrawaddy Dolphins.

The variety of flora and fauna you experience in Khao Sam Roi Yot creates the perfect environment with its rich ecology system, surrounded by beaches, mangroves and marshlands, which attract birds that migrate to warmer climates.

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