There can be several good reasons to visit South Korea with your kids, and authentic Korean food is one of these main reasons. But how can one forget about the thrilling rides and adventure at South Korean amusement parks exclusively designed for kids, and for adults who are still kids at heart?

KidZania Seoul
This park comes under the concept of ‘immersive’ amusement parks because the kids get to experience different professions by acting on it here. Located close to hotels the likes of Travelodge Myeongdong City Hall, this park also has special features like ‘Vet Clinic’ and ‘Donut Shop’ that are also fresh experiences.

Even if you stay in a Myeongdong Seoul hotel, you and your kids should try and travel to the Everland because this is the biggest theme park in South Korea. There are several zones in this park and each zone offers a completely different experience.

Seoul Land
This is a classic South Korean destination to go with your kids and this is also the place where you find daring rides such as Black Hole 2000 and SKY-X.

Daejeon O-World
Known to be one of the modest parks, this is indeed one of the few amusement parks in the whole world to have a zoo of its own.