Located upon the bank of the beautiful Liusha River near Jinghong City in southern Yunnan Province, the National Minorities Park is an attractive tropical garden which is the perfect place to discover some of the region’s folk customs. Look for a suitablehotel in Yunnan to lodge in while exploring the many different aspects that the region has on offer and Anantara Xishuangbanna Resort & Spa is a preferred hotel Yunnanhas to offer that offers all that one possibly needs when travelling in this diverse district of attractions. Often described as a miniature version of the breathtaking Xishuangbanna landscape, the park is divided into two sections. Each section is comprised of different sections as well, for example, the southern part of the park features a plants specimen zone; a tropical fruit zone and a sunbathing and swimming zone while the north section includes folk customs exhibition and folk entertainment. This section embodies the cultural elements of six ethnicities such as the Yao, Jinuo, Dai, Hani, Blang and Lahu while one often runs into the celebrations of their ethnicities as well such as the water splashing festival, Dai wedding rituals, cockfighting and dragon boat races.


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