The Field Museum, correctly known as the Field Museum of Natural History, is located in a scenic complex next to Lake Michigan in Illinois, Chicago. The complex is also home to the Adler Planetarium and John G Shedd Aquarium, making the complex the most visited site in Chicago.

At the time if its inception, in 1893, the Museum, situated at Jackson Park was known as the Columbian Museum of Chicago. Its objective was to disseminate knowledge, exhibit and preserve objects of archeology, art, history and science. Its appellation was changed to Field Museum in honour of its initial significant patron, Marshall Field, in 1905. The name also denotes the concentration of the museum on natural sciences and history. The Museum relocated to its present site in 1921.

The Field Museum is an important institution that has a large library in order to further the extensive research, analysis, and findings of the staff connected to the museum. It plays a major role in the unearthing and developing of earth and natural science artifacts and knowledge.

Of the museum’s many displays and exhibitions, Sue, the largest and most complete unearthed Tyrannosaurus fossil is perhaps the most exciting. Extending up to 42 feet, the Tyrannosaurus is thought to have been 29 years old. Although named Sue, this is not an indication of the sex of the fossil but is in honour of the paleontologist who discovered the fossil.

Other interesting and special exhibits at the Field Museum include various anthropology exhibits from all across the world including Tibet, the Pacific Islands and Egypt. A taxidermy collection features two large African Elephants and the Lions of Tsavo who were part of the film The Ghost and the Darkness in 1996. Additionally the Museum also exhibits a vast collection of North American artifacts and dinosaurs.

These prized possessions and others are housed in permanent exhibits such as Mammals of Asia and Africa, Nature Walk, Gringer Hall of Gems, Underground Adventure, Evolving Planet, Inside Ancient Egypt, Dioramas and The Ancient Americas.

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