Sydney Wildlife World which is currently known as Wild Life Sydney is a relatively small zoo located at the leisure and retail precinct of Sydney right opposite the Sydney aquarium at the Darling Harbour. Mainly a tourist attraction to experience Australia’s wild life all across the continent under one roof, the zoo is completely air conditioned to suit the natural habitats of the animals in terms of not only weather and light but also vegetation and surroundings. Ranging from kangaroos roaming free to Australia’s deadliest snakes, spiders and scorpions, cuddly koalas in gum trees to nocturnal creatures, the zoo has it all.

The butterfly tropics have a stunning array of butterflies in rainbow colours hidden among tropical foliage in a controlled environment that keeps the weather at optimum conditions throughout the year. Hidden among the green bathing in the sun are pythons of all colours and designs and at the flowing water hole make sure to see the turtles and fish, frogs of all colours, water spiders, the works! The ‘Blue Mountains’ named after the bluish haze of the gum trees on hot days is home to a number of creatures. Hear the Kookaburra laugh from the canopy, discover the hiding places of goannas, snakes and lizards in the forest floor and watch as the lazy koalas hang on the branches and munch their favourite food all day long at the gum tree forest.

Visit the yellow-footed wallabies and Sherman the Southern Hairy-nosed wombat at the Wallaby cliffs of South Australia, the Tasmanian devils now found only in Tasmania, Eastern Grey Kangaroos, Echidnas, Agile Wallabies, princess Parrots and pythons at the beautiful Queensland Daintree Rainforest. Stopover at the Bugs Garden to see the most successful creatures of the planet, that have invaded the land and sea from the highest to the lowest and everywhere in between. The eternally nocturnal chambers will open doors to a new world that most of us miss out on and have a one on one encounter with the kangaroos at the open air walk-about enclosure. With prior reservation even breakfast with a Koala can be arranged to delight your children.

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