Although you do have the choice of going ahead with the dishes with which you’re familiar, what you should really be looking for at a Maldives restaurant are the dishes from the delightful cuisine of this country. Try out one or two traditional dishes while you’re holidaying at a property such as The Nautilus Maldives and you’ll thank yourself later. And here’s why.

A Blend of Tropical Delights

You’ll note that the Maldives dishes always include one or more of locally sourced produce including yams, mangoes, coconuts, pineapples, and papayas. Plus, fresh seafood is the main ingredient in most dishes.

A Melting Pot of Culinary Traditions

The islanders not only incorporate their very own cooking methods but culinary traditions that have arrived from the Indian subcontinent, Africa, Arabia, and the Far East. The amalgamation of all these influences has made the cuisine here unbelievably delicious.

A Surprise for Your Taste Buds

Your sense of taste might be accustomed to mild flavours that don’t excite your taste buds anymore. But the hot and spicy local food in the Maldives will awaken your taste buds like never before – prepare your palate for spicy fish curries, flavoursome seafood broths, and whatnots.

Scrumptious Finger Foods

Hedhikaa is the term used to refer to a selection of finger foods that are used as snacks or light meals in the Maldives. These are usually called ‘short eats’ in teashops and may include a variety of food such as rice pudding, spicy fish cakes, and fried balls of dough filled with fish and spices.