No one would think that the decorative specs on the Indian Ocean would on close scrutiny turn out to be such resplendent islands full of tourist attractions. However, that is precisely what the Maldives is like. It has over twenty six tiny atolls or islands, which are governed separately but are a cohesive part of Maldives.

Most of the festivals that are celebrated in the nation are of a religious nature. Though the population is small and the land area they possess is limited, nothing is left amiss when it comes to celebrating religious or national events.

As Maldives is predominantly an Islamic nation, Eid or Ramazan, Kuda Eid and Holy Prophet’s Birthday are some of the most noteworthy religious festivals commemorated by the Maldivians. Since most of these holidays are based on the lunar calendar, there are instances where the holiday is declared spontaneously, creating a greater euphoria than ever.

Kuda Eid symbolizes the end of Ramazan; the thirty days of fasting. This is usually celebrated by gifting the less privileged citizens with Zakath or provisions, comestibles and other requirements. During Eid-ul-Al’h’aa which is another religious festival, Muslim devotees prefer to travel to Mecca. Those who cannot make the journey engage in other festive activities such as visiting relations who live on other islands and playing sports and games. Males, females and children partake in the action with little or no discrimination, including visiting the Mosque on special days.

The National Day of Maldives, the Independence Day and the Republic Day are other festivals of national significance, which are celebrated with equal enthusiasm and vigour. On these days the streets are lined with people holding national flags and singing songs that evoke patriotism. The national security forces join in the celebrations with a parade and school children follow with dances and drills.

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