Regarded as the happiest place in the world, Disney land in Hong Kong is home to a number of kid-friendly attractions and it is certainly a place worth visiting with your family. Read on to know more.

Image by HK Arun, Front Entrance of Disneyland, CC BY-SA 3.0


Being one of the best Theme Parks in Hong Kong, the magical kingdom of Disney houses a variety of attractions! Thrill rides to fun activities like river cruises, games and so much more await you here. What makes the experience here so unique is that all the attractions here are uniquely themed by cartoon or movie characters.

Snacking and Dining

Hong Kong Disneyland is home to a number of premium restaurants you can savour scrumptious meals at a setting that is themed by your kid’s favourite cartoon character. Also, a number of food cards and snack bars are scattered across the park where you can grab a quick bite on the go.

Getting there and accommodation options

Though you could get accommodation options within Disney land itself, it is recommended that you should opt for an option located outside the premises if you wish to visit other attractions of the Hong Kong city. Cosmo Hotel Hong Kong is located at close proximity to a theme park is an option worth considering for your stay.

Things to remember

Even adults get lost at this expansive park, so keep your beloved little ones close to you at all times and don’t let them wander alone. Before visiting here look out for any special offers if you wish to save some extra bucks. Obey the rules of the park at all times. ( be on the lookout for signboards).


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