If you are planning a trip to Malaysia with your family, the kids are sure to love the activities at Underwater World Langkawi. Visitors have the opportunity to learn about 4000 aquatic species across themes like freshwater, temperate, tropical rainforest, and Sub-Antarctic.

Image via Wikimedia Commons

The Preview Tank

The highlight attraction of the Preview Tank is none other than the aquatic creature from the Jurassic era, the Arapaima! This fish reaches a length of 8 ft and is said to be the world’s largest freshwater fish.  The Freshwater Stingray and the Wallago Catfish can also be observed here.

River Ecosystem

This is a long line of interconnected tanks giving the effect of a river. In this showcase are freshwater fish from Australia, Southeast Asia, America, and the Amazon. A few species to keep an eye out for are the Chinese Water Dragon, Red-tailed Catfish and Bala Shark.

Tropical Rainforest

Apart from the aquatic animals are animals from the tropical rainforest for you to observe. Upon entering this section, you’ll be greeted by the sight of flamingos, pheasants and shelduck along with many more as you continue.

Temperate section

This is one of the most popular attractions at Underwater World located just a 7-minute drive away from many a Pantai Cenang resort the likes of Pelangi Beach Resort & Spa. Get a chance to observe African fur seals and south African penguins in an environment close to their natural habitat.