The first Kidzania Theme Park was founded in 1999 in Mexico and the Indonesian edutainment centre was opened on November2007. The theme park is open for children aged 2 to 16 years old and is located on the Pacific Place Shopping Mall. Children from all parts of Indonesia flock around the Theme Park to grab the opportunity to experience what it is like to have their dream job. Visitors to the country in search of accommodation could consider a stay at one of Jakarta serviced apartments such as Citadines Rasuna Jakarta where places of interest such as these could be easily accessed.

The initiative of the Kids theme park is to mould the young generation to be responsible characters in the line of work they dream of with lot of fun activities involved. The activity area is separated into different categories which are services, residential, cultural, suburb, industrial, media, restaurant, retail and transportation. Under each category professions and occupations such as doctors, pilots, archaeologists and even F1 drivers are included for the pleasure of the little ones. Kids attending the theme park could engage in various activities relevant to the field chosen by them where they will be taught the basic operations of each profession. Adults attending the park could be a part of the audience at the theatre and TV stations to be spectators of their kid’s accomplishments. The Kidzania theme park is an interactive educational centre, where the kids have the opportunity to wear uniforms and perform their chosen role and get to know the actual duties and responsibilities of adult life.

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